Delivering Climate Positive Change Through Digital Construction.

Who We Are

ARGO’s Climate Intelligence Unit (CIU) is a new initiative undertaken by the company to drive climate positive change and respond to the need identified by the UN and the Paris Agreement* for society to be carbon-neutral by 2050. We at ARGO believe that digital modelling will be one of the major processes utilised in all construction projects of the future, with highly technologically sophisticated design and production processes used to help achieve the goal of net-positive effect on our environment.

The Paris Agreement | UNFCCC*

What We Do

ARGO has spent a decade leading industry standards through our intelligent design process employing BIM (Building Information Modelling). BIM allows ARGO to design, cost and construct intelligent buildings in a 3D virtual environment, making them more scientific, increasingly resilient to the effects of natural disasters and up to 20% more cost-effective to construct over traditional methods. To reinforce this process, we have now launched BIM2Site which brings the intelligence of BIM from our design studio to our construction sites. It is a digital construction initiative, specialising in AI processes and off-site manufacturing. It will provide end-to-end integration, including supply chain management, leading to safer, more sustainable and more cost-effective buildings for clients.

How We Do It

By having a complete design-to-construction digital process, our CIU team can provide solutions to clients on climate-adaptive designs, to cost and construct smart, resilient, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly structures. Our sustainable energy engineers can harness the power and intelligence of digital information models to perform detailed analysis and help ARGO deliver climate positive building solutions through BIM2Site. By scaling this operation, our goal is to have an increasingly positive effect on the carbon footprint of the construction industry and to encourage others to adopt similar carbon goals by setting this new industry standard.


Businesses must be the change agent they wish to see in the world. Our vision is to lead the next generation of architectural, engineering and construction professionals into an industry that will be sustainable and positively impact the climate for generations to come. A crucial first step is to ensure every project we embark upon has a net-positive effect on the environment.

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