Development Services

Quantity Surveying

Our quantity surveying team provides measured quantities for tendering purposes, pre-construction and construction cost estimating and cost management services as well as providing financial administration of construction contracts. In addition our quantity surveyors collect and analyze cost data for use in assessing tenders and for updating cost plans and estimates.

Contract Management

Our contract management team is responsible for the contractual relationships that we enter into with consultants, contractors and suppliers. This includes tendering work packages, negotiating contracts and ensuring that professional business relationships are maintained.


Our procurement team sources and procures goods and materials both locally and from across the world ensuring that best prices are achieved without compromising quality. From cutlery to curtain walling the team have the ability to deliver cost effective quality products through challenging logistics.

The team monitor and track orders from point of origin through to delivery on site and ensure that materials arrive in a timely fashion to meet the demands of the construction program.

Carton House Hotel
Carton House Hotel
Carton House Hotel

Research and Development

Our r + d team is responsible for the screening and selection of materials, technologies, systems and energy solutions considered in the delivery of our projects. Our team’s approach is heavily influenced by Client operational requirements, performance and cost.

Project Management

Our teams engage the construction industry through direct contract or via main contractors, a strategy uniquely tailored to each project. Our teams of Project Directors, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Foremen, Site Engineers and Clerk of Works ensure our projects are properly managed through the construction process, and that our aspirations for the quality, budget and timeline are realised